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Former pupils visit Fairwater Primary School

Earlier this year a group of former pupils who attended when the school was still brand new, came back to see how things have changed since they were here. Mrs Manley gave them a tour and at the end they posed for a photograph at the entrance. The ladies have a school re-union group that often meets. One lady, Mrs Hilary Rollason has very kindly written to share her fascinating memories of her school day in Fairwater in the 1950's and 1960's. Please take the time to read it here. Big thanks to Mrs Rollason for taking the time to write to us.


Latest News

Miss Maggs is now in France with two new partner schools. Visit her class page to watch the videos she has sent telling us about what she is doing over there.



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Attendance 2016/17

Attendance for week ending 02.12.2016

Reception  90.0%   Rec/Year 1  88.3%           

Year 1/2 80.0%          Year 4   93.6%

Year 2  92.7%         Year 5   90.7%

Year 3   93.5%         Year 6   96.1%

Class 10  92.7%          

Whole school for week ending 02.12.2016 ~ 90.8%

The total attendance for 2015/16 was 94.7%              Our target  for 2016/17 is 95%